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Dear prospective customer,

You have a project that you want to bring forward and look for
A reliable investor. Maybe we fit together.
I myself am a private person and invest in safe projects that make me
Which I consider to be future-oriented. Because I own
Money, I have certain notions of how to carry out a
Project. Just like you, I have a certain
Safety requirements and look carefully.

First of all, I only work with prospective customers in the past
Have proved that they can deal with money, ie equity
feature. The amount of equity is 10 -
25% of the investment sum and must be provided as collateral.
Only the landmark, first-rate secured facility over a well-known
Real estate investment company is accepted by me alternatively. The
Processing of this area runs correspondingly notarially accompanied. If
You decide for this route, the plant will later turn as
Security ceded to us. This means that we share our common
Loan agreement also before a German notary, gladly your choice,
conclude. We should discuss this aspect in peace.

If you do not have your own capital, I would like to be held responsible for your
Family house to offer a classic car as security
Or have any other collateral you may have, you may:
This place already stop reading.

If we come into the business, then from a project sum of 100,000 € and
I am flexible, so I would like to present great projects!
As a contractual partner, I am exclusively from Europe. The annual interest I expect,
Amount to 2, 5 - 4%. The minimum term of our contract is 3

Please understand that the above numbers and modalities
Guidelines which we comply 100%. We all look at each other
(Realistic) projects are more intensive and give you quick feedback,
Whether we want to pursue the matter further. If so, we strive for one
Timely processing.

If I have aroused your further interest, I am pleased
Best regards

Send an email with a brief description of your project
My assistant Mr. Lampert.

Only report with email address

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