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in this small description we'll talk a about an agency,very famous in all Morocco in the field of travel and stays and especially in the red city of Marrakech. Firstly this agency is called "marrakech desrt tours", it is a big travel agency that organizes tours in all Morocco, it also has its own means of transport that it uses in their program of trips and stays that are organized daily to most of the most visited places and destinations in all Morocco namely for example the valley of Ourika etc ...
Ourika valley day trip :is the closest day trip destination from Marrakech, due to its many waterfalls and wondeful nature, it is a very popular attraction , the Ourika valley spreads between the first foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Despite it being so close to Marrakech, this beautiful lush green valley is definitely one of the best preserved valleys in Morocco. At about 64km from Marrakech.

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