Problems in accessing the router or IP address

RSS Problems in accessing the router or IP address
• It is better to reset the router when you have found the problem to access the network.
• You can check all the power cables whether any damages are made and also you have to make certain that they are suitably connected to the power outlet.
• As the same way, it is important to check the connectivity of the network cable whether it is in good condition.
• It is also a right way to reset your computer to make the router to work in the certain condition.

The Routers and Modems Manufactures Default Ip address
The 192.168.l.254 ip address is initially set by most of modem and router manufacturers. The important companies are highly following this ip address and they are
• The 3Com OfficeConect Routers
• The Cayman internet gateways
• The ADSL routers
• The Linksys SRW2024
• Netopia

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